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Jom ajak Abah atau Atuk untuk dapatkan PERCUMA 1 Set Crab Lotus Bao (3 keping) dengan perbelanjaan minimum RM300.

*1 Set Crab Lotus Bao terhad kepada 1 meja sahaja

*Tawaran Waktu Terhad



Malaysia is a melting pot of diverse cultures and delicious food. And when it comes to crab & seafood, there’s just so many styles to be discovered! Ketam Viral brings an inclusive approach to the seafood dining experience, offering popular Malaysian flavours all under one roof

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Ketam Viral
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Nur FarahinNur Farahin
02:04 19 Sep 22
Food are ok. Ordered chilli crab and crab bao. Had better chilli crab at somewhere else. Skip lompat tikam, their coconut milk and glutinous rice are lumpy, seems keeping too long in the fridge.
Gabriel TanGabriel Tan
13:46 05 Aug 22
Ketam sedap power. Quality, texture and freshness of crab better than any you can find in Singapore. Super fresh! Must support!
Amalina IsyqieAmalina Isyqie
09:38 14 Jul 22
Great place for celebrations! This place doesn’t get the hype it deserves. With the ambience & food quality it’s supposed to be packed with people 💯Food was all great and sedap, I didn’t get to take enough photos because it was gone too soon. Service was also excellent, the staff asked if the food was okay and if we had any complaints.They took around 30mins to prepare the food, so if you’re hungry or wanna eat immediately upon arrival, you should order a few hours or a day earlier
lailatul Sabrinalailatul Sabrina
00:57 26 Jun 22
dinner here, the food is very tasty! recommend crab balado! The crabs are very fresh and sweet. staff friendly and very helpful to us who just came there for the first time. we enjoy our dinner. worth every penny ❤️❤️
Rajib AbdullahRajib Abdullah
08:38 23 May 22
Awsome food! Love the crabs! Fresh and huge! Shud try the KETAM BELADO! POWER!
Tan Piow YonTan Piow Yon
03:05 20 May 22
Cozy Dining Environment…Good Service and Friendly Staffs
04:44 19 May 22
Everything was really good! Especially the otak otak ketam 👍
Pink PandaPink Panda
04:42 19 May 22
cahaya mutiaracahaya mutiara
00:44 10 May 22
It's a new place and we ordered the crab with lado as suggested. Superb taste especially their cuttlefish and of course the crab OMG!!!. Hands down to their nasi lemak banana leaf. Only when they pay they don't accept credit cards at the moment because maybe they just opened.
Siti Nur Zaidah ZailanSiti Nur Zaidah Zailan
14:21 07 May 22
Great food. Great place!! Definitely will try for other menu.

Our Chef

Chef Rathnor has worn many hats throughout his two-decade journey in the world of culinary arts and F&B management, and firmly believes that transparency is the best policy.


He served the Kedah Chef Association as Assistant Chairmen for Pastry Council in 2017 and was promoted to Director of Media and Digital Promotion in 2019. In 2020, he was once again promoted as Director-Elect of Marcomm for Kedah Chef Association, receiving a Medal of Honour from the Kedah Chef Association in 2019 for his contribution to state culinary program and brands.


Today, Chef Rathnor and his team bring a world of experience to Ketam Viral, for a taste of Malaysian Seafood cuisine you won’t stop talking about.

Ketam “Bae”

If you find cracking crabs messy work, don’t fret. Our appointed Ketam Valet literally gets cracking as soon as your freshly-cooked crabs are served, making dining-in even more convenient & memorable!


Ketam “Bae”

If you find cracking crabs messy work, don’t fret. Our appointed Ketam Valet literally gets cracking as soon as your freshly-cooked crabs are served, making dining-in even more convenient & memorable!

“Unforgettable Memories Are Made At Ketam Viral”

Ketam Viral is the place to be for your special occasions! From a large gathering for family & friends or corporate luncheon & dinner to private events like birthdays, anniversaries or even exclusive weddings, we’ve got everything that will make those memories last a lifetime. On top of our mouthwatering crabs and local seafood dishes, multiple Instagrammable corners also await you – who knows, it may even go Viral! Choose your spot by the window with a view or opt for our private dining rooms, exclusive for those who want more privacy.


Contact us to make a reservation now.

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Awards 2017

Chefs news, july 12, 2017


Luxury Restaurant

Award 2017

Chefs news, july 12, 2017


Restaurant Choice

Awards 2017

Chefs news, july 12, 2017

Siakap Laksa Siam

(Award-Winning Dish)

Siakap Laksa Siam was born alongside the well-known Siamese Laksa. Our chef’s MAHA 2022 prize-winning spin on this Kelantanese favourite, sees seabass as it’s main protein, adding tuna and mint leaves to enhance its aroma, forming a perfect match with its torch ginger and turmeric based gravy.

Crab Lotus Bao

Crab Lotus Bao sees an inventive usage of crab meat by turning it into a patty, packed with asian seasoning and spices, coated in crumbs and then deep fried. Our Chef serves this patty in between a homemade Lotus-style mantao. Complementing it is a dressing of mango kerabu – made to mimic salsa and sandwiched in between the patty. Absolutely delicious!

Ketam Masak Iban

Ketam Masak Iban is a dish inspired by the Chef’s visit to the rural area of Sandakan in the early 2000’s. On the last day of the visit, the local Chief served us a good amount of chicken wings and other delicious dishes, yet one dish stood out. A crab dish cooked similarly to the Singaporean chilli crab, but drenched in soy garlic broth and full of wok hey and savoury taste.

Otak-Otak Ketam

Otak-Otak Ketam is our Chef’s version of a well known dish around South East Asia that blends seafood, starch and spices. Crab is blended with the Chef’s own spice mixes, and is then steamed, grilled and charred to perfection. Commonly, Otak-otak is served in leaves, however the natural crab aroma is elevated further when grilled and served in a crab shell. Combined with bamboo leaves, the taste and fragrance of this dish is savoured at it’s best.

Robert Patrick
Fierce food served with attitude and style