About Us


Ketam Viral specialising in Malaysian style crab dishes and favourite local seafood dishes, is set to take the crab scene by storm with its 10 signature crab dishes. With options covering all corners of the country – such as Chilli Crabs, Salted Egg Crabs, Ketam Masak Iban, Ketam Masak Lomak Nogori (its take on Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api), Ketam Buttermilk Lurpark, Ketam Berlado, Ketam Kam Heong and even beyond borders with Ketam Juseyo (its take on Korean influenced flavour), Ketam Manickam (its special sea crab dish – KETAM BUNGA) and Ketam Portuguese, diners are spoilt for choice. Not forgetting the signature Siakap Laksa Siam and Chef’s Rathnor Flower Tofu and Nasi Lemak Alai wrapped individually in banana leaves – a perfect accompaniment for any recipe, there is something for every preference. THE PERFECT ACCOMPANIMENT FOR ALL OUR DISHES.


The Place
Located in Sunway Gandaria in Section 9 Bangi, Ketam Viral offers a spacious and inviting bespoke venue designed to bring people together – whether for a large gathering or an intimate affair, the friendly and attentive staff are ready to help make it an unforgettable dining experience. Photo enthusiasts will appreciate the unique feature spot to ‘crab’ great snaps!


Beyond Bangi, and back
Ketam Viral is constantly working with chefs, connoisseurs and content creators from different parts of Malaysia to grow offerings and enable crab lovers to sample more crab dishes from other states and regions in the not-too-distant future. For the peace of mind of diners, Ketam Viral is in the midst of obtaining Halal certification.