5 dishes to satisfy your crab cravings

5 Jul 2023

Kam Heong” translates directly into “golden fragrance”, and for a good reason. The Malaysian favourite is made with soy sauce and oyster sauce as well as curry powder and curry leaves. It can be found at various seafood restaurants around the Klang Valley, including Fatty Crab Restaurant, Ketam Viral, and Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant.

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Beyond Bangi, And Back!

15 Nov 2022

So why not bring it forward in a truly Malaysian style — multicultural and serving all Malaysians alike?

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From Negri Sembilan To Borneo

15 Nov 2022

Ketam Masak Lomak Nogori & Ketam Masak Iban are some of the crustacean delicacies on the menu.

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Go-To Place For Crabs

31 Oct 2022

Definitely one of the go-to places to eat extremely delicious crabs. Worth every penny.

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A Birthday To Remember

1 Oct 2022

A heart-warming celebration with loved ones at Ketam Viral.

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Out Of This World!

6 Aug 2022

Family-friendly seafood restaurant yang sangat best di Bangi. Menu juga sedap!

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Bangi eatery stands out with signature crab dishes

3 Aug 2022

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Persis Hotel 5 Bintang

1 Aug 2022

Restoran ini menerapkan gaya konsep ‘Fine Dining’ berkonsepkan Malaysia.

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10 Jenis Ketam Berperisa Unik

29 Jul 2022

Restoran ketam & makanan laut di Bangi ini menyajikan 10 jenis Ketam dengan perisa unik.

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Huge XXL Indonesian Mud Crabs

21 Jul 2022

This crab & seafood restaurant in Bangi serves 10 types of Crabs with unique flavours.

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